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Fifth Grade

Keyboarding Practice

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Cool Math

Spelling Practice

Dole 5 a Day


Math Assignment:
Lowes Foods
Harris Teeter

Picture Gallery (Remember you need to give credit to the source of the picture!)

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Pictures 4 Learning

Smithsonian Images

NCWiseOwl Copyright Free Image list

US Fish and Wildlife National Digital Library

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Teaching and Learning Center                                 Ask Kids.Com                                                                         Bibliography Maker

NCWiseOwl                                                                        KidsPlanet                                                    

Citation Maker Elementary                                       

WebPath Express


Plate Tectonics

Geologic Time Machine                                                   

PBS Plate Tectonics

Geologic Eras                                                                     

Table of Geologic Periods                                           


Fossil Horses

Guide to the Orders of Trilobites                             

Science View Fossils

Shake Rattle and Roll

Forces of Nature


Mississippi Delta: Effects of Erosion

Climbing a Volcano: topographical maps included


Landforms Research

Habitats and Landforms Resource sites              

Visible Earth NASA

Landforms Face of the Earth

National Parks                                                       

USGS Volcanoes                                                               

Hawaii Center for Vulcanology                                                                                                

Mt. Everest Facts Page                                        

Diamond Peak

The Dust Bowl 2

Mammoth Cave                                                                  Luray Caverns

Yosemite National Park                                        Grand Canyon Explorer                      

Natural Arches                                                                    More About Arches

Niagra Falls                                                                            Niagra Falls Formation

Yellowstone Geysers                                                       Geysers Guide

Angel Falls and Tepuis                                                     Tepuis

Mt. St. Helens


Biomes of the World - Wild Classroom   


Biomes of the World      

The World's Biomes


Introduction to Biomes    

Earth Observatory Biomes    

Deciduous Forest Biomes       

Blue Planet Biomes

World's Fair Projects                                                            

Forms of Government Scavenger Hunt  

US Department of State   (click on Region then use the map to locate Country Study)

The United Nations

Culture Quest

Yahooligans Country Search


CIA WorldFact Book


Simple Machines

Simple Machines


Levers and Pulleys

3-5 Science Interactives (click on the Odd Machine, Tinkerball, or other Simple Machine activities)

Simple Machines and Tanks

Museum of Science and Industry


Ancient Inventions

National Inventors Hall of Fame

Ben Franklin

Forgotten Inventors

African American Inventors


Motion and Design

Welcome to Park World

Race a Solar Powered Car


Galeleo’s Experiments

Amusement Park Physics


Rocket Cars

Air Power

Roller Coaster Movie

Another Roller Coaster Movie

Mars Rover



More About Clean Up  

Oil Spill Megasite

Alaskan Resources Library

The Space Shuttle and oilspills

Cleaning Up Oil 

Energy Research

Forms of Energy

Forms of Energy 2


Energy Ant

Energy Matters

Energy Online

Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad

The History Channel

Images of Slavery

Underground Railroad 2

Understanding Slavery

United States Slavery Museum

Living Under Enslavement

Election Websites



WunderGround (weather data)

Weather Webquest

Weather Wiz Kids


Chain Reaction  (click to view old website and then on Weather Station)

WildWild Weather

The Weather Dude

The Weather Wizard

Cloud Gallery

Web Weather for Kids

Cloud Types and Formation


GLOBE Cloud exploration

Cloud Tutorial




Exploring Hispanic Heritage (Biographies)

Info Please: Hispanic Biographies

Featured Hispanic Biographies on

Hispanic Culture online

 Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights Timeline

Library of Congress

Greensboro Sit-Ins

Voices of Civil Rights

Free At Last

Places of the Civil Rights Movement

I Have A Dream Speech

The Unites States Constitution



Explore Ellis Island


Be a Historian                                                                        

Immigration Stories                                                

Highland Games    

Colonial Tradesmen