Farmington Woods Computer Lab

Fourth Grade

Keyboarding Practice                                   Basic Facts Record Sheet

Cool Math

Essay Map                                                 Spelling Practice

Ocean Animal Webquest

Lost Colony Website


Reference and Search 

NCWiseOwl                                          KidsConnect

Teaching and Learning Center            WebPath Express

KidRex Search                                      Culture Grams

Culture Quest

NC Research Websites

North Carolina

Bill of Rights Website

Commemorative Landscapes - monuments

NC Historic Sites

NC State Website

State Symbols

Picture Gallery (Remember you need to give credit to the source of the picture!)

Microsoft Clip Art  Click Accept.  Type a keyword. Click to download.

Advanced Image Search   **change settings to be copyright free

Pictures 4 Learning

Smithsonian Images

NCWiseOwl Copyright Free Image list

US Fish and Wildlife National Digital Library

Internet Safety Sites

Professor Garfield 

I Keep Safe - Kids                                       Webonauts Internet Academy

Net SmartZ                                             Safety Land

Nutrition and Fitness 

KidsHealth. org

Food Labels                                                                            Kids' World Nutrition

FDA for Kids                                                                           Nutrition Explorations

What Am I Eating?                                                              Sports and Nutrition

CoolFoodPlanet                                                                    Mind Over Matter

Physical Fitness                                                                    Bodies in Motion

Drug Information                                                    Nutrition Data

Learning About Rocks and Minerals 



Journey to the Center of the Earth

Geology Mysteries

Fossweb  Earth Materials

Rock Identification Game                                         




Habitats and Landforms Resource sites              

Visible Earth NASA

Landforms Face of the Earth

National Parks                                                       

USGS Volcanoes                                                               

Hawaii Center for Vulcanology                                                                                                

Mt. Everest Facts Page                                        

Diamond Peak

The Dust Bowl 2

Mammoth Cave                                                                  Luray Caverns

Yosemite National Park                                        Grand Canyon Explorer                      

Natural Arches                                                                    More About Arches

Niagra Falls                                                                            Niagra Falls Formation

Yellowstone Geysers                                                       Geysers Guide

Angel Falls and Tepuis                                                     Tepuis

Mt. St. Helens


Where Are We?

Map activities                                            

Interactive Map                                        How Stuff Works

Terra Server                                             Embassy Addresses

Enchanted Learning                                Mapping Our World Lesson 1

Ancient Maps                                            Mapping Our World Lesson 2

How Are Maps Made?                             GeoSpy

Maps and Globes

NASA World View

ThinkQuest GeoWorld


MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries

Mystery Madness

Mystery Cube

Super Thinkers


Electricity and Magnetism 

Electricity and Magnetism                                                Energy Safety    

The Science Spot                                                                  Energy Story  Chapters 2-7

IPPEX Online                                                                           Exploratorium Electric Snacks

Electricity                                                                                   The Electricity Forum

Magnets Fun Facts                                                          Electromagnets

Windows to the Universe - Magnets                          How do magnets work?

Lightning                                                                                    A Lightning Primer

Lightning Photos                                                                   Weather Eye Electricity and Lightning

Virtual Circuits (Click on TUTORIAL first)   Kid Zone: How Circuits work

Energy Conservation                                                 Energex Safety Tips                                    

Electric Force

Historical Fiction                  

Laura Ingalls Information

Songs and Music of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Laura Ingalls Wilder Biography

Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum  (click on Picture Gallery and Laura's History)

Laura Ingalls Wilder Adventure





Be a Historian                                                                        

Immigration Stories                                                

Highland Games    

Colonial Tradesmen                 

Lighthouses and Pirates 

Lighthouses                                                                            Legendary Lighthouses

US Coast Guard Lighthouse Page                                North Carolina Lighthouses

Comparing Ancient and Modern Lighthouses        World Lighthouses

Blackbeard Lives                                                                  Queen Anne's Revenge

National Geographic Pirates                                   K-12 TLC Guide to Lighthouses

The Wright Brothers 

Wright Brothers and Flight

The Wright Stuff

First To Fly

Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers and Age of Invention

Miscellaneous Interests 

The United States                                                                                                       

Cool Math 

National Geographic

The Renaissance

Simple Machines1

Simple Machines Learning Site

Inventor's Toolbox

EdHeads Simple Machines

A Collection of Simple Machines Sites

Simple Machines Construction

How Stuff Works (READ CAREFULLY)


Collection of biography resources (from Internet Public Library)

Shuttle Astronaut Biographies                                                African American Biographies

The Presidents                                                                                 Writing a Biography

Baseball Hall of Fame Biographies                                         Meet Amazing Americans

Pro Football Hall of Fame Biographies                                  Famous Hispanics


Hispanics in History


NC Wildlife 

Wild NC                                                                                    Endangered Species of North Carolina

National Wildlife Federation                                      North Carolina Zoo

KidsPlanet                                                                              Scientific Names

North Carolina Animals (Click on SPECIES Then click on the red bird to see fact sheets)

Amphibians and Reptiles of North Carolina           Birds

Outline Pictures of Animals to Print 

Animal Observations

Dwarf African Frogs                                                        Dwarf African Frogs 2

Millipedes                                                                               More Millipedes

Fiddler Crabs                                                                        Fiddling with Crabs


Biomes of the World - Wild Classroom   


Biomes of the World      

The World's Biomes


Earth Observatory Biomes    

Deciduous Forest Biomes           

Blue Planet Biomes